🎮[Sacred Blade][PUZZLE] New Mobile Gameplay on Android.

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Easy-to-operate RPG “Sacred Blade” to connect by tracing,
let’s fight with our friends to save the world from the threat of darkness!

▼ The basic rule is very easy!
Trace and connect enemies and allies of the same color to attack!
Let’s defeat the approaching enemy!

▼ Chain activates if you connect a lot!
Additional attacks when the chain is activated! ? The more you connect, the stronger it gets!

▼ How to connect and skills vary depending on units and jobs!
Let’s strike a powerful attack on the enemy with a unique fighting method for each unit!
Let’s gather a lot of friends with quests and gachas and form the strongest party for yourself!

▼ Challenge powerful raid bosses with your friends!
Raid boss appears as the story progresses!
Cooperate with your friends and confront the super powerful bosses!

App itself: Free
* Some paid items are available.

* Be sure to check the official website for supported environments (OS and terminals).
* We recommend using a Wi-Fi line for client downloads and updates.
* Please secure the storage capacity before installation.

Please be sure to check the terms of use displayed in “Common Terms of Application” before using.
If the customer clicks the download button and downloads this application, it is assumed that they have agreed to the terms of use.

Application Common Terms of Service

Official application site


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