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Dream Cakes is a cake-making game for two to four players where players earn points for completing cakes out of 75 mix-and-match cake pieces. For full review and shopping info ►

Product Info:
Dream Cakes is a cake-making game for two to four players where players earn points for completing cakes. The game comes with 75 mix-and-match cake pieces, 15 ribbon cards, a spinner, a cake measuring stick, and instructions. To play, sort the cake pieces into piles: topper, small tier, big tier icing, big tier, and cake stand. Players take turns spinning the spinner to see which cake pieces to take from the piles. For instance, if you land on “big tier”, you’d take one of the big tier pieces and add it to your cake. If you land on the spaces that say “Choose any 1,” “Choose any 2,” or “Choose any 3,” you can take that number of whatever cake pieces you’d like. You can work on multiple cakes at the same time. To complete a cake, you need to have exactly one cake stand, at least one big tier, exactly one big tier icing, and exactly one topper. You can use as many big tier pieces and small tier pieces to make your cake taller and collect more points. But beware-if your cake isn’t complete and you spin “big spill,” all those pieces go back into the pile.

When your cake is complete, use the measuring stick to determine how many ribbon cards you get, and then place the cards face-down on your cake. A three-tier cake earns three ribbons, while a five-tier cake (the highest your cake can go) earns five ribbons. You will not be able to add any more layers to a completed cake.

When all of the ribbon cards have been earned, the game is over. All players flip over their ribbon cards and count their points. The player with the most points wins.

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