Ender 3 Pro auto off easy mod

Seen alot of complex solutions to this problem but this just works.

Only thing is I don’t know the the length of the countdown or if it waits for the bed to cool before it triggered all I know is I do a print come back it’s finish and is powered down perfect. One day I will sit time it. When I am very bored. Lol

let me know your thoughts……

 Product –

Gcode for end

G91 ;Relative positioning
G1 E-2 F2700 ;Retract a bit
G1 E-2 Z0.2 F2400 ;Retract and raise Z
G1 X5 Y5 F3000 ;Wipe out
G1 Z10 ;Raise Z more
G90 ;Absolute positionning
G28 X ; home X
G1 Y0 F3000 ; Move Y to 0 at 50mm/s (3000mm/min)

G1 X0 Y{machine_depth} ;Present print
M106 S0 ;Turn-off fan
M104 S0 ;Turn-off hotend
M140 S0 ;Turn-off bed

M84 X Y E ;Disable all steppers but Z

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  • please answer me

    Giuseppe Sbirziola July 14, 2020 4:39 am Reply
  • Hi with this module I do not risk turning the printer off every time I do the home of the nozzle since it touches the limit switch of the y where should the module be positioned?

    Giuseppe Sbirziola July 14, 2020 4:39 am Reply
  • Check out my solution at: https://youtu.be/4wE3tBhoiWs

    mojama7 July 14, 2020 4:39 am Reply

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