Guitar Band Battle Gameplay, New Music PVP Game For iOS & Android

Guitar Band Battle is the biggest band challenge in the world! A free multiplayer game from the creators of Rock Life, who bring the best band and rhythm game ever developed for mobiles and tablets, with amazing guitars for you to test your skills on and to compete with real players from around the globe.

Start in the garage, gather your band and evolve until you become a rock n roll hero, going through multiple stages, stadiums and arenas, playing famous tunes until you reach the top of the hall of fame. Buy several guitars, hire musicians and make your band famous, conquer millions of fans and turn yourself into a music superstar!

• Collect and customize super detailed unique guitars.
• Start your band in the garage and evolve by doing shows, recording albums and videoclips.
• Go through different stages and arenas till you reach the top and become a music star.
• Get a bass, drums, pedal and amplifier to enhance your skills.
• Assemble your own band by hiring a bassist, drummer, guitarist and vocalist, as in a real band.
• Play in the perfect tempo to be a rock and roll hero and conquer success.
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