Gundam Versus Combo Guide – Gundam AGE-2 [Normal Mode]


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Mobile Suit: Gundam AGE-2 [Normal Mode]
Cost: 400
Style: Various

Kwij Gaming’s Gundam Versus Combo Guide. Today’s video covers Gundam AGE-2 [Normal Mode]. Default DS4 controls using the D-PAD, not the JOYSTICK. If you wanna see a specific suit, let me know in the comments!

The Gundam AGE-2 has two MS (Mobile Suit) forms, and each has its own MA (Mobile Armor) mode. This video covers Normal Mode (Double Bullet coming up next) and its accompanying MA mode. The suit doesn’t stand out as particularly strong, however its combos are relatively good speed, though the animations might leave you open to attacks. It has no gerobi but you have enough ranged attacks to keep you out of danger, and its MA mode has a quick transformation to help with getting out of red-lock in a pinch.

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