Updated Hangman Game and source code

Hangman computer game, with Java Source Code. Ideal for projects and learning game programming.

These videos of mine will explain the code workings of the graphics for hangman, for painting the images too repainting for animation and drawing the images, expanding the images, drawing and filling squares etc.

Java programming part 91 Graphics : Java drawString

Java programming part 93 Graphics : Java Draw Images 2

Java programming part 92 Graphics : Java Draw Images 1

Java programming part 96 Graphics : Java Graphics Repaint Method

Java programming part 87 Graphics : Java fillRectangle and drawRectan…

Nguồn: https://themusicobserver.com/

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  • Can you send me this source code to me too please? 

    email: abenn.mathew@yahoo.com

    Aaron Mathew July 15, 2020 11:44 am Reply
  • Good afternoon,
    Can you send me this source code??
    my email is paramawari@gmail.com

    paramita indraswari July 15, 2020 11:44 am Reply
  • I've watched a few of your videos and wow you do nice jobs with these codes. I'm actually wanting to get the source codes for a few of the videos you have posted I already commented on the checkers game. I'm glad I found your channel!

    YourMusic10aav July 15, 2020 11:44 am Reply
  • I can't see this part.
    if(mX > 40 && mX < 140 && mY > 418 && mY < 468 && (chString.wrongGuess == 6 || chString.wrongGuess……….??){

    Fadrol Ab Manaf July 15, 2020 11:44 am Reply

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